Expression, Flow, and My Path – Also, New Schwag…

I have spent a good majority of my time sitting with my face in a sketchbook or behind a computer screen in my lifetime. At a pretty young age my mother had me paint my first acrylic painting. I remember how I would get lost in time and totally sucked into the moment of creative energy. Time would vaporize and I would be energized. Kayaking and art are not much different for me. Both require a patience, an understanding that not everything is perfect and it’s more about the process than it is about the outcome. I really enjoy that I have been able to marry these two passions of mine over the years with our projects. Although I ultimately did not end up being the designer I initially went to school to become, I have been able to craft a life with many expressive formats. It can be a bit of a practice in torture at times always lamenting about how something can be better, but, when I sit back and truly reflect I can’t think of anything cooler.

These new designs were fun to create and I hope you enjoy wearing them as I enjoyed making them. The Hipster Tee is a bit of humor mixed with reality, a reflection of our current surroundings and community. Our Women’s tank is in reverence to the warrior in my life who is my partner in everything I do. She’s bold, beautiful, independent, and fierce. I hope I captured that. Lastly, a bit of an homage to a lot of the past work I have done, the graffitti warrior print is a reflection of my past and respect for street art. Our original logo was actually inspired by street artist and muralist Shepard Fairey.

Art and expression will always be a huge part of who we are. We as educators act as mirrors in a sense, and art is a perfect medium for that reflection as well. Pre-order until March 20 and save a few bucks on each item!
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Enjoy some of our past H2o Dreams Artwork below:
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    1. Hi Lorraine- we’ve been separate from the USWNC since 2012. We’re based in Saluda as of 2015 and work in Western North Carolina.

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