The Green River Gorge in Saluda, NC is legendary in no small part due to the Green River Race now going on its 23rd year in 2018.

Becoming the high pedigree of racer that is born from the Green River is sought after by every aspiring boater to some capacity. To race is to fulfill a personal legacy. To perform is divine.

Any race or competition can fulfill that personal satisfaction, from a flatwater recreational race, friendly competition amongst friends, to laser-focused peak performance. Additionally, competition is a way to motivate us to refine our skills in search of the most efficient means of paddling.

Our mission is pretty simple: to encourage and empower individuals to pursue performance paddle sport and become a hub to interact and collaborate with other clubs for events, education, and community stewardship projects.

Our growth will start pretty slow with some focus on coaching sessions that offer opportunities for existing paddlers to improve on their techniques and learn to measure themselves in a trackable and attainable method. We will be offering opportunities to come and join some local races in the Southeast region this year, with hopes of expanding all of the above in the coming years.

We are currently in the formation period of the club, but will be holding a town hall meeting on January 13th and invite community members, paddlers, and motivated individuals to come out and give your feedback. We anticipate club programming to start in February. But check our calendar below for the events we plan to participate in.

Some quick Q&A:

Although in the long-term we will offer some type of beginner level programming, this club will serve folks who have gotten through the initial learning curve. Additionally, some of the events may have their own special considerations with skills. All of our coaching will be most effective if there is a basic understanding of paddling pedagogy but will take place in venues that are approachable from all skills levels. We intend to use disciplines of downriver creek style racing and slalom as our foundation to start.
We don’t currently have an age limit. It has the most to do with the above question in regards to an understanding of the sport to approach the practice of attainments, slalom gates, and downriver maneuvering. If your child is showing the maturity to come along, we encourage it. We do intend to put some focus on youth programs in the first year and growing it organically.
We currently do not have our membership levels worked out as of yet as we have not determined what some of the inclusive costs with running this program are. Anticipate that we will have all of our pricing finalized for 2018 by our town hall meeting on January 13th.
You betcha! We are currently seeking members of our Board of Directors and we are also seeking folks with paddling experience to help with coaching sessions with a head coach.
Coaching sessions will take place in Saluda, NC on the Green River and in Asheville, NC on the Swannanoa and French Broad Rivers. We have ambitions of organizing a race in the fall of 2018, and we will be compiling a list of events in our region that we will offer support for.

Green River Racing Club Information