H2o Dreams is a paddler’s resource which includes a library of written resources, video, and paddle sports instruction courses. It was born as my blog back in 2005 when I first moved from home and had the need to keep family and friends updated. I quickly noticed that the readers were more often my students, so I steered the direction of the site to a resource to cater toward their needs, and H2o Dreams was born. My addiction to media has helped to feed the monster that this idea has become, and the partnerships I have been a part of nurturing has helped this become a reality. H2o Dreams is more than a site; it is a name that embodies the great people around us supporting us; it is our goals and our work. It is a labor of love and a dream that we continue to work toward a reality.

-Chris Wing, Founder and Director



2000 – Chris’ first time in a kayak

2001 – Chris finally learned to roll, much to his chagrin

2003 – Chris led his first river class

2005 – ACA Certification – Joined the NOC Instruction Team

2006 – The idea, H2o Dreams, was born

2007 – Joined the USNWC – began competing professionally

2009 – Produced our first instructional video for YouTube

2012 – Est. H2o Dreams LLC

2013 – Lyd Cardinal becomes a managing partner of H2o Dreams

2014 – 2015 – H2o Dreams enjoys having its first staff