“I’ll Wait Until Next Year”

This is a statement we have been hearing quite a bit, along side the question, “are you going to run the trip again next year.”

Firstly, there won’t ever be a trip like this one again! I have gone the distance to ensure that our first ever-international trip is covering all bases. There will be no expense spared in terms of trip leading experience or accommodations. We have three trip leaders for 10 folks which not only allow us to keep a 3:1 ratio (our preferred ratio) but it also allows us the liberty to split the group based on desires and needs for rivers. There is no other trip in my experience that does this.

No expense is being spared in preparation or delivery for our 2013 trip. Which then begs the question, “what about next year?”

Now let us talk in brief about our trip leaders. Pablo McCandless is a former Olympian who represented his home country of Chile in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 in kayak slalom.  Pablo, who has paddled since an early age, has a world of coaching experience and has become quite an accomplished river guide and instructor. If you want distinct instruction on running Chilean rivers, then no better time and place.

Sam Fulbright is an accomplished videographer and instructor/guide as well. Very well known for his grit, resourcefulness and overall calm demeanor, his past Chile experience will help compliment Pablo’s knowledge of his home country.

From a logistics standpoint, Chris Wing and Lydia Cardinal make up an extremely thorough team in preparing the participants and trip leaders on a successful trip. We are taking two weeks prior to our trip to do a full run through of both of our trips to ensure we have the best rivers selected for each group as well as iron out all of the wrinkles in meal planning, transportation and lodging. Personal attention and a positive experience are our goals for you on this trip.

No expense is being spared in preparation or delivery for our 2013 trip. Which then begs the question, “what about next year?”

Truthfully, we are designing this trip to be a one shot deal. We have been working hard on the organization since July, and by the time the trip comes to fruition, we will have spent 7 months working on the trip. Obviously, we do not have to work around the clock to do so, but time and attention are definitely two attributes to designing a great adventure travel experience. Although this compliments much of our other programming it does distract us from our long-term vision and our ideology of remaining flexible to pursue initiatives that help promote education and growth within adventure sports.

The ultimate success of this trip may live and die with this one trip until we continue to figure out our new vision in the next five years.  This is something Lydia and I continue to work on daily and hope to accomplish by the end of this fall. We know that, whole-heartedly, we want to pursue the education side of our sport as well as other adventure sports as opposed to the retail side of sports. The retail of trips and educational programming are a reality in the survival of our business model, but we want to make sure that there is a balance that is maintained as we proceed.

We have a great number of collaborations within whitewater that we are currently pursuing and have not been able to give our proper focus; one because we are still learning as a small business, and two our program delivery and the time that it requires.

As we continue to develop our long-term vision and our desire to travel, the certainty of an annual adventure travel program lies in balance. We also do not want to dismiss the idea of running a trip to different places and different activities. Somehow trekking in Nepal sounds like an amazing experience, or surfing in Costa Rica.

So what about next year? Will we return to Chile? I can only answer by saying that I know that we will be running an extremely successful trip this year with the very best trip leaders, the highest quality rivers and a distinct cultural experience. The opportunity is right now.

“Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and other tools will be found as you go along.”

-Napoleon Hill

Convinced? You can book your reservation now, or call Chris and Lydia to discuss which trip best suits your desired outcomes, 828.767.7109.



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