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Pyranha 12R Rental

$35.00 1 day

The 12R is an uncompromised, hyper-fast, ultra-fun 12ft longboat which is only limited by your imagination. Multi-days, attainments, races, vertical miles, challenging and developing your skills, crazy big enders, big booming fun, or simply mixing it up with your crew; if the 12R doesn’t put a smile on your face, you might consider seeking medical attention.

The 12R design team has included several athletes and coaches from Olympic Slalom, Wildwater and even Surf Ski, and that expertise has been used to pay attention to how power is delivered through the boat to maximize forward speed; the 12R features a narrow catch and outstanding cockpit geometry as a direct result of this unique approach to the paddler’s ergonomics, noticeably increasing comfort and power delivery.

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Length 368cm / 12′
Width 62cm / 24.5″
External Cockpit Length 95cm / 37.5″
External Cockpit Width 51cm / 20″
Volume 385l / 102(US)gal
Hatch Volume
Weight 26kg / 57lb
Optimum Paddler Weight 60-125kg / 132-275lb


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