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The Pillar Series – Creeking Leadership

We created the “Pillar Series” to go a little more in depth of why we created the clinics than just our course descriptions. Many times our classes are prompted by experiences or observations we have on the river, in our paddling culture, or suggested by our guests. What’s with all of these names? That is a…

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Feel the Fear & Go Creeking Anyway

A few weeks back, we shared the experience of one of our recent Creeking Clinic students, Nell. We’re excited to have additional feedback from one of our other students, Joni, who faced some big fears in a big way during our weekend on the water. As always, we love getting feedback from the people we…

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Why Take a Class with H2o Dreams? A Reflection

A few weeks back, we had the incredible opportunity to run our first ever multi-day creek clinic. This one day class has been incredibly successful in years past but this year, we wanted to boost the experience. Offering this as a two day class instead of a single day of instruction allowed students not only…

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The Folly of Reaching for Perfect

It is a common sight among beginner and intermediate paddlers: the shake of the head below a rapid, the swell of embarrassment being off line and catching the slight edge or worse: the look of panic as they flip over and hopefully flip back up. It happens to the advanced paddlers as well but generally…

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