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My Anthem

This year has been a true test in patience and grit. We are human after all. We are not infallible, we grow tired, succumb to critics, and overall show that we are just as vulnerable as any one else. Many look at these things as a weakness, but I believe our recognition of it is…

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H2o Dreams Presents: Taming the Mental Game

In Association with Atlanta Whitewater Club: Taming the Mental Game presented by Chris Wing of H2o Dreams LLC May 6th, 2014 – 7:00P FREE TO THE PUBLIC Garden Hills Community Club House “It never gets easier, you only go faster” –Greg Lemond I read this quote when I actually started to bike to help cross-train,…

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We Can’t Believe We Did This!

…I stuck to the plan, but even surpassed most of my own expectations” Many of you have come to know us as those people who make instructional videos for kayaking on YouTube. This has become a critical part of what we have done over the past 3 years at H2o Dreams and probably one of…

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Looking Forward

We’ve just started up some of the summer programs at the Whitewater Center which has me reflecting on my time line for how long I’ve been paddling. I feel like I’ve been paddling “for about a year” for a while now… I haven’t really been sure how long I’ve been at it! The onset of…

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You almost always know the moment when you have met someone special. There is a sense of humility and ease that begs the question, “how did this person get this way?” I have met very few people in my life that have totally put me at ease when I interact with them, and if you…

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An Old Goal Realized

For folks that have ever worked with me in a lesson, as a co-instructor or student, you know one of my big goals has always been to create an instructional film. I have long battled with the idea of what I wanted to commit my life to professionally, and despite whether I decided to stay…

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Keep the Drive Alive! Preparing for Competition

author competing in first green race, photo: crystal gustin Before you even prepare to compete you have to justify to yourself why you are even competing in the first place.  A lot of this thought process will help you determine how you will go about your training and mental preparation for competition. For example, is…

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