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7 Ways to Change Your Perspective

Sometimes all we need in order to take the next step is a little change in perspective. Perhaps even more than technique or hard-skill improvement, paddlers are looking for a way to strengthen their nerve so as to execute those skills when it matters most with little question. Regardless of what’s holding you back from…

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An Open Letter to a Future Instructor

A few weeks back, I received an inquiry about our upcoming ACA Whitewater Instructor Certification course. The prospective student asked about whether or not the course was a good fit based on current skills, experience, and level of confidence. I’ve been in three of these courses in the last two years, one being my own certification…

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H2o Dreams Partners with Dagger Kayaks

It’s been a few months since H2o Dreams changed gears after the announcement of Wave Sport Kayaks’ move to Europe. We have loved the Wave Sport brand over the years but more importantly, we’ve enjoyed the incredible relationships and opportunities afforded to us through the culture of Confluence Outdoor. The support of our mission to…

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Tributaries Tour Dates Added

What a madly wonderful spring! We kicked off our Tributaries Tour with a presentation of Chris’ thoughts on “Taming the Lizard Brain” at Atlanta Whitewater Club‘s monthly meeting. It was a lot of us all to think about, and we had a dynamic discussion throughout. Paddlers of all different skill ranges, disciplines, and personal backgrounds…

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On Deck for 2014

Boy, oh, boy, what a busy fall we’ve been having! We’ve been slammed with clinics, lessons, moving… and, oh yeah: smoothing out details for our first ever international adventure travel trip to Chile. We are so, so excited! We’ve also been working on our 2014 details, sprucing up the website, and planning our next big…

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Why Take a Class with H2o Dreams? A Reflection

A few weeks back, we had the incredible opportunity to run our first ever multi-day creek clinic. This one day class has been incredibly successful in years past but this year, we wanted to boost the experience. Offering this as a two day class instead of a single day of instruction allowed students not only…

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