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7 Ways to Change Your Perspective

Sometimes all we need in order to take the next step is a little change in perspective. Perhaps even more than technique or hard-skill improvement, paddlers are looking for a way to strengthen their nerve so as to execute those skills when it matters most with little question. Regardless of what’s holding you back from…

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The Pillar Series – Creeking Leadership

We created the “Pillar Series” to go a little more in depth of why we created the clinics than just our course descriptions. Many times our classes are prompted by experiences or observations we have on the river, in our paddling culture, or suggested by our guests. What’s with all of these names? That is a…

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Making Cents Out of Buying Used Gear

When I first got into kayaking in 2002, I made the mistake that many beginners do: I walked into a retail store and bought a brand new boat, helmet, PFD, spray skirt, paddle, and other miscellaneous accessories. All told, I spent over $1,500, and that was buying the cheapest equipment they had. Little did I know that in…

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Bite the Bullet

I’ve always taken comfort in knowing that, for the most part, the worst that can happen while I’m paddling is swimming; bottom line: when the going gets tough, I pop the spray skirt and BAM! Game over. This musing is brought to you by the harsh reality of whitewater where bailing from your boat does…

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On Deck for 2014

Boy, oh, boy, what a busy fall we’ve been having! We’ve been slammed with clinics, lessons, moving… and, oh yeah: smoothing out details for our first ever international adventure travel trip to Chile. We are so, so excited! We’ve also been working on our 2014 details, sprucing up the website, and planning our next big…

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