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7 Ways to Change Your Perspective

Sometimes all we need in order to take the next step is a little change in perspective. Perhaps even more than technique or hard-skill improvement, paddlers are looking for a way to strengthen their nerve so as to execute those skills when it matters most with little question. Regardless of what’s holding you back from…

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Second Lives

We put on the water just before the sun explodes with sunset, and we cruise quietly downstream. The Wild & Scenic Chattooga River is a kitschy albeit truthful means of describing a section of whitewater that is truly deserving of its title, and one of the most beautiful stretches of flow in the Southeast. It…

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Tributaries Tour Dates Added

What a madly wonderful spring! We kicked off our Tributaries Tour with a presentation of Chris’ thoughts on “Taming the Lizard Brain” at Atlanta Whitewater Club‘s monthly meeting. It was a lot of us all to think about, and we had a dynamic discussion throughout. Paddlers of all different skill ranges, disciplines, and personal backgrounds…

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Top 5 Waterfalls in Chile

Actually, Sam Fulbright wanted to title this article, “Top 5 list of waterfalls that are dope. so dope. illest.” Sam and Pablo (2 of our guides) have been ranting and raving about the list of perfect waterfalls that can be run in Chile, and honestly, a list of five hardly suffices. This is just a (very)…

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Cuyahoga:Thoughts on Filmmaking

“Ohio?” is the typical response I get when I tell folks where I started my kayak career close to 12 years ago. Little do folks know there are not only whitewater rivers in Ohio but also a die hard community of paddlers that surround those rivers. But let us be honest, most folks in Ohio…

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The Quick and Dirty Gear Bag

I learned this quick whitewater gear tip haphazardly when I did not want to deal with putting wet/dirty gear back in my gear bag that was still full of other gear that had not yet been wet and smelly that day. Turns out when you paddle multiple times in a day you collect a plethora…

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