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7 Ways to Change Your Perspective

Sometimes all we need in order to take the next step is a little change in perspective. Perhaps even more than technique or hard-skill improvement, paddlers are looking for a way to strengthen their nerve so as to execute those skills when it matters most with little question. Regardless of what’s holding you back from…

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H2o Dreams, Exciting Announcement for 2016!

It is with much anticipation that I make the announcement for our new 2016 program, and it has come time for us to put the elitism aside and and to embrace what we have needed to embrace for a long time now. Whitewater Kayak instruction overall has been a tough sell to many folks over the…

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H2o Dreams Partners with Dagger Kayaks

It’s been a few months since H2o Dreams changed gears after the announcement of Wave Sport Kayaks’ move to Europe. We have loved the Wave Sport brand over the years but more importantly, we’ve enjoyed the incredible relationships and opportunities afforded to us through the culture of Confluence Outdoor. The support of our mission to…

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Spruce Up a Familiar Run

It bothers me that I hear folks saying that they get bored on a river, it seems almost as if they have become to good for… well, their own good. One of the best nuggets I ever heard while on a river came from Andrew Holcombe, “if you aren’t having fun on a river, then…

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