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You almost always know the moment when you have met someone special. There is a sense of humility and ease that begs the question, “how did this person get this way?” I have met very few people in my life that have totally put me at ease when I interact with them, and if you…

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The Nitty Gritty

I almost swam at the bottom of Nantahala Falls this past weekend. It took me about seven or eight times and a nasty drag over some rocks before I finally rolled up. I wasn’t thinking about swimming- honestly, it seldom crosses my mind when I’m upside down- but that last roll attempt I knew would…

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Swim Lessons

2013 hasn’t exactly been packed full of kayaking for me. Thus far I have etched 3 green runs. End of list. I suppose I have valid excuses for my lack of paddling, namely a giant documentary project that I just returned from, but they are exactly that: excuses. The lack of whitewater in my life…

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Chips and Ladders

The snow is melting before it even lands on me; I think I am radiating heat about two feet around. I should be cold- freezing, in fact- seeing as how I am wet and it is snowing and the wind, bitter. But I am burning up, breathing heavy. I have been hiking my boat along…

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Reflections on a First Summer

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. When I was a kid- and even now, for that matter- I always longed for summer in the final months of school, ached for it. Nervous excitement: what would I do with all those sweltering, endless afternoons? I would enjoy my freedom, my lack of responsibility and yes, even…

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Choosing Fear

By Lydia Cardinal What makes this worthwhile? What makes the swims tolerable if not rewarding as a learning experience, what makes the humility, the vulnerability, the unknowable consequence worth swallowing? I am learning how to kayak. For those of you that know me, this has been a long time coming. I have parents, friends, and…

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Keep the Drive Alive! Preparing for Competition

author competing in first green race, photo: crystal gustin Before you even prepare to compete you have to justify to yourself why you are even competing in the first place.  A lot of this thought process will help you determine how you will go about your training and mental preparation for competition. For example, is…

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Asking the Hard Questions

I have been revisiting a lot of old bloggings from the past few years of my life, some inevitably get trashed but others I feel I will hang on to and revisit form time to time. My goal with this site and kayaking in general is not only to learn but to pass those lessons…

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