WE is Greater than Me

I wrote and directed a number of instructional videos that challenged the paradigm of how we learn and teach in the whitewater world. We have challenged students every time they visit us to step up and lead themselves instead of following the stern of a boat downstream. We have pushed future instructors to break out…

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A Letter from the Director, Chris Wing

Our biggest area of growth we experienced in 2019 was undoubtedly our Youth Program. We are going all in again on this program. Every one of our instructors has some impact on this program this past year. We have expanded these course offerings, again refined where inefficient, and expanded where appropriate. One of the most…

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“Core” Exercises We Recommend for Every Athlete

OK, so you don’t even have to be an athlete, but if you want to add some longevity, efficiency, and some enjoyment to your paddling this collection of exercises has been killer for us and our students. If you have worked with us before you have heard us hammer on pelvic rotation driving your legs…

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