Start here! Our Fundamentals courses are the building blocks for a solid, positive paddling foundation. If you’re brand new to kayaking, you can find everything you need to get started in the course listings below; we recommend first-time students looking to try river sports for the first time begin with our Fundamentals course(s).

That said, our Fundamentals courses aren’t just for rank beginner students, as each course below specifically focuses in on a primary skill set required for success at higher, more complicated levels of paddling. Newer boaters looking to gain the skill of rolling or work on boat control can explore our Rolling or Stroke Concepts classes, but even intermediate to advanced boaters can benefit from a return to foundational skills, with everything from roll touch-ups to stroke work.

Don’t forget to practice, too! Our BOOST Open Practice sessions bring together other goal-minded H2o Dreams students to connect, collaborate, and work hard on skills and concepts introduced in our courses.

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