Fundamentals for River Running 201

$150.00 1 day

Looking for a new adventure? Whitewater sports and river running is one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors you are likely to pursue.

Available every weekend from May through September.

Have a group or want to book a custom time? Contact Us for custom booking availability.

About the course:

Fundamentals 201 is designed to build on the Fundamentals 101 course by giving students a chance to improve their boat control and develop a more holistic understanding of river features. Students will be given focused practice on stroke work, take a deeper dive into boat spin and control, and improve their ability to recognize and use river features to their advantage. Fundamentals 201 is the logical next step for the beginner who hopes to develop greater control of their craft and improve their understanding of the whitewater environment.

Have a group already? This class is also available by appointment; minimum of 3 students. 


Prerequisite skill:

  • Ages 14 and up, or check out our Green River School Youth Program
  • Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Be in good health and overall fitness
  • Comfort in open water and swimming required

No additional experience required!

Trip price: $150.00

Location(s): H2o Dreams Outpost, Green River Gorge; Saluda, NC

Trip duration: 5 hours

Guest to instructor ratio: 4 guests to 1 instructor, class caps at 8


  • Shuttle transportation
  • Essential equipment
  • Instruction/guiding

Not included:

  • Transportation to instruction location
  • Meals
  • Additional equipment like shoes, bathing suits, sunscreen, etc.
  • Lodging



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