Stroke Concepts for Kayak


Time to maximize your efficiency and save your energy!

Available by appointment only on weekends April – October, Contact Us for booking availability.

About the course:

Feeling like you have the basic strokes mastered but are still left wondering what’s beyond in advanced boat control? This 2-hour class reviews essential strokes, introduces the purpose of draw strokes, and puts it all together to work simple through compound maneuvers. You’ll expand your knowledge of boat momentum, compound strokes, and even advanced moves. The fundamentals of precision and maximized efficiency gained through focus on stroke concepts is sure to elevate your paddling no matter the application.

Your goal for this course should be to glean as much information about each stroke to increase your efficiency and save energy, understanding the physics of how your boat actually moves, and how to translate power from your body into your equipment to take advantage of every precious ounce of energy!

We have had paddlers with years of experience leave this course feeling like a beginner again; come get some!

Prerequisite skill:

  • Ages 14 and up
  • Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Be in good health and overall fitness
  • Comfort in open water and swimming required
  • Experience at Fundamental level or the equivalent skill
  • Ability to wet-exit and experience with a combat wet-exit

Trip price: $95.00

Location(s): H2o Dreams Outpost, Green River Gorge; Saluda, NC

Trip duration: 2 hours

Guest to instructor ratio: 4 guests to 1 instructor; class caps at 8


  • Supplemental class materials
  • Instruction/guiding

Not included:

  • Transportation to Saluda, NC
  • Meals
  • Equipment essentials
  • Lodging


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