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Eight Ways to Keep it Fresh

Not quite a year ago I ran shuttle for my friends and family on a sweltering July day at the Ocoee. I had only been paddling for a few months and was not ready to join them by any stretch, but that didn’t stop my eyes from filling with stars as I looked downstream from…

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Wavesport and H2o Dreams LLC Present the Whitewater Troubleshooter

The “Whitewater Troubleshooter” looks to fill a void in kayak instructional filming that typically takes a “how-to” approach to instruction and instead replaces it with a “how come.” Many beginner paddlers learn the basics but still truly lack the understanding as to why their paddling remains complicated and lacks fluidity that many advanced paddlers possess….

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An Old Goal Realized

For folks that have ever worked with me in a lesson, as a co-instructor or student, you know one of my big goals has always been to create an instructional film. I have long battled with the idea of what I wanted to commit my life to professionally, and despite whether I decided to stay…

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