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An Open Letter to a Future Instructor

A few weeks back, I received an inquiry about our upcoming ACA Whitewater Instructor Certification course. The prospective student asked about whether or not the course was a good fit based on current skills, experience, and level of confidence. I’ve been in three of these courses in the last two years, one being my own certification…

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Leading Blind

Having taken a on a much larger role within H2o Dreams this past year, I found myself aboard a plane on New Year’s Day on my way to Chile for three packed full weeks of prepping, leading, and finally, unwinding from our Chile Enchantment trip. This was going to be an entirely new experience for me…

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Minimalist Expedition Kayaking

Friend, boater, and fellow adventurer Chris Baer guest writes on what he carries with him on the river.  Heading to a new run that might be at the high end of your skill set? That’s an expedition… Time to get prepared! You’re going to want some tools just in case it gets a little wilder out there…

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Should kids run class V?

It seems to be one of the most common questions I receive from a parent as their child progresses as a whitewater paddler. Actually, more so than “Should my kid be running class V?” I hear, “Is my child ready for this river?” With that, I see an upward trend of moving young paddlers closer…

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When packing light matters

  We are a gear hungry sport with an insatiable thirst for what’s new and improved. I will be the first to agree that boat design and its outfitting have come a long way in terms of performance, safety, and comfort, but at what cost? Generally, it comes at a sacrifice of weight to accommodate…

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China Thoughts Part I: A Departure

I finally confirmed coming to China maybe a few weeks out from the actual departure, when my flights were booked by our liaison and event organizer Jason (not his Chinese name). It was actually only about two weeks out that I finally applied for my Visa and thankfully the turnaround was quick, albeit expensive. Fast…

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Making Cents Out of Buying Used Gear

When I first got into kayaking in 2002, I made the mistake that many beginners do: I walked into a retail store and bought a brand new boat, helmet, PFD, spray skirt, paddle, and other miscellaneous accessories. All told, I spent over $1,500, and that was buying the cheapest equipment they had. Little did I know that in…

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