Self-Assessment Tool

Want to know where you stack up in H2o Dreams Programming?

This self assessment tool is just that, a tool. It is largely based on critical self-analysis and is not the end all be all. For many folks, they just don’t know where to start with H2o Dreams programming and this can help guide you in that direction. Additionally, realize that personal fitness, stamina, flexibility, willingness, etc. are contributing factors to the appropriateness or your success in the H2o Dreams courses.

We recommend a thorough paddling fitness assessment and goal setting session for every student working with one of our private instructors if you intend to take a serious and aggressive timeline with your goals.

It’s important to take a holistic approach to your kayaking if you are serious about your success in a boat and we are certain we have created a program that can help individuals and groups from the start onward. Thanks for taking the time and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 828.571.0276

If you have never been in a whitewater kayak, or on a river, we highly suggest the courses below:

Welcome to your Self-Assessment




Experience in boat
Water reading
Boat control
Eddy turns
Surfing and playing
Rescue experience


Overall river and group awareness
Dealing with fear and intimidation
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