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In this interview with Darcy Gaechter we uncover motivations rooted in being counted out. Being small, a woman, not fitting a stereotypical mold that the world projects that we must fit in, Darcy is the perfect example of how a “chip on the shoulder” can be a positive motivator.

Of course, choosing alternative lifestyles have their own pitfalls and its this that she finds to be her biggest crux in life now.

Co-owner of Small World Adventures and first female source to sea descent of the Amazon River, Darcy Gaechter may be small in physical stature, but bigger in life than most of us can comprehend. Enjoy this interview as we dissect her life path, touch on her expedition through the Amazon River basin, and discuss what’s in store for her next.

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Darcy and her partner Don have canceled their 2020/21 adventure travel season due to Covid-19. I personally know that they had to make an excruciatingly tough decision but commend them for their mindfulness. They have set up a relief fund for their Ecuadorian staff that are being affected by the closure of these programs which you can visit here.

Additionally, Darcy works with The Ecuadorian Rivers Institute. She’s  a board member with this conservation group in Ecuador and fundraising is a huge part of their work. There are some important legal cases in the Constitutional Court in Quito right now that have the potential to set precedent for the future of conservation and environmentalism in Ecuador (mainly by ruling on the constitutional rights of nature, prior consultation with Indigenous groups, and the validity of giving rivers the equivalent of “wild and scenic” designations in Ecuador).  If people want to donate, they can do so here: https://ecuadorianrivers.org/donate/

Lastly, Darcy’s book is a must read, or listen for that matter. I really enjoyed this story and think for those that enjoy stories about struggle and overcoming this is excellent. 

Her book, Amazon Woman. If folks want to buy it, they should:

a.) buy from their local bookstore

b.) buy from my website by going to https://darcygaechter.com/ and clicking “order the book.”

c.) buy from amazon.com if they have to!

If folks want to follow Darcy on social media, here are some links:




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