Chile Whitewater Rescue

It’s been two¬†years since our last video series “The Playboater Troubleshooter” hit the airwaves and we had all intentions of following up the next season with our newest series which we have been moving forward with production since late last month. We’re excited to get the ball rolling on this project and anticipate official release dates to come soon once we finish budgeting our time for our production schedule, which by the way is tough for just a few people! Want to volunteer some time?

Regardless, the initial aim of this new series was targeted at the ideology behind river leadership and equipping those that lead and those that are being led. Our topics range from psychology to equipment and into strategy. We are hoping to complete five full length episodes but we will be supplementing them with case studies from our own river experiences¬†including footage that has been sent in by others. If you’re interested in contributing your own footage and helping us put a breakdown into video, please reach out! Our community is only as strong as the constructive feedback we give, and receiving such feedback from a perspective of growth.

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We anticipate a full release of details soon for our upcoming episodes, we are just as eager as those who have been anticipating something new from us.

I would be remiss in not thanking some folks who continue to see the value in our goals. Cheri McKenzie at Confluence Outdoor has helped us with the transition from Wave Sport to Dagger Kayaks. This is part of the reason for the delay but one well worth it. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the folks in Greeneville, SC. Before his departure for Blackfly Canoes, Chris Loomis was also paramount in seeing us as a fit within the Dagger family and has helped us transition with the new marketing team. Of course, Evan Lyendecker at Adventure Technology Paddles, and Mark Deming and Will Root at NRS for providing us with equipment so we can focus our finances on production costs. These are top tier companies, with top tier people backing up their work!