Episode 2: Kaysee Armstrong – Burnout, Gratitude, and Myths of Mental Wellness

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Show Notes!

Kaysee Armstrong is magnetic… and intense. We often think about the draw, the pull of magnetism, but it also has the opposite effect, too: pushing away. Kaysee’s intensity in life and in her professional pursuit of mountain biking can change the polarity of that magnetism. She’s learning to cope with that and in the start of her 3rd season, she seems to have found some peace and identity in where she draws the most fulfillment from in mountain biking. We dive deep into Kaysee’s roots of competition and drive, her meteoric rise in mountain biking, and what moving forward might potentially look like for her. Will she quit the pro circuit and go back to a 9 to 5? Can she find what she enjoys the most about local races in the bigger and lonelier existence of the professional circuit?

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