H2o Dreams, Exciting Announcement for 2016!

It is with much anticipation that I make the announcement for our new 2016 program, and it has come time for us to put the elitism aside and and to embrace what we have needed to embrace for a long time now. Whitewater Kayak instruction overall has been a tough sell to many folks over the years and with numbers dwindling at professional level instruction and coaching we needed to start exploring new avenues for revenue generation if we are to survive the coming years as a company.

The launch of this program couldn’t have come at a better time as we made our move to Saluda, NC late 2015 and having the Green River in our backyard gave us the perfect opportunity to pursue this. We took note that the booming businesses in this area were not instructional based, but instead companies that lowered the barriers of entry to whitewater. How can we possibly argue with this?

SUP is a perfect example of how minimal amounts of equipment and a relatively natural progression increase participation numbers across the board and H2o Dreams wants to tap into that same potential. This is why we proudly announce we will be launching our new tubing program for the summer of 2016!

Check out the program launch video below and be sure to share this announcement to help us grow!

[st_video video=”https://youtu.be/LkZ4_8wnNak” ratio=”16:9″ width=”” height=””]

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  1. Chaeston Whitewater Paddlers is already in the planing stages of Tubing the Stakine. Due to extreme water level this spring we decided no safety will be needed. So come and turf some major holes with us.

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