H2o Dreams Partners with Dagger Kayaks

It’s been a few months since H2o Dreams changed gears after the announcement of Wave Sport Kayaks’ move to Europe. We have loved the Wave Sport brand over the years but more importantly, we’ve enjoyed the incredible relationships and opportunities afforded to us through the culture of Confluence Outdoor.

The support of our mission to create river leaders and stewards has been unfaltering on the part of Confluence and complementary visions for the future of the sport we love so much has led us to an exciting new adventure: we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Dagger Kayaks! Our goal is simple: to get more people on the water and create more lifelong paddlers. Dagger’s designs, ethos, and commitment to the paddling community makes this joint venture a great fit for the future.

We cannot wait for what’s next: we are excited to incorporate cutting edge and user friendly kayaks into our instruction, travel, and play. Keep an eye out for the newly redesigned Nomad in our upcoming Whitewater Leadership series as well as other Dagger toys throughout the year. We look forward to you joining us for the next chapter!


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