Lydia Cardinal Joins H2o Dreams LLC Full-Time!

Last spring we began having discussions about the possibility of having Lyd join H2o Dreams as a full-time endeavor and we almost had her jump on board then. However, she was just wrapping up school and the prospect of having her focus on a joint venture right out of school was intimidating, at best, for the both of us. Truthfully, she has worked nearly 10-20 hours a week with me since then in conjunction with our summer intern Ali.


This year has proven to be yet another overly ambitiuous year with lots of teaching, projects and personal accomplishments. It has been so much it has been hard for me to keep any organization to it all, and at times I felt that I could be a bit vacant in my own head space. The organization has faltered a bit, projects get behind and I am not putting the normal emphasis on client service prior to clinics. H2o Dreams has grown to a point where I finally need full time help! This is both a blessing and a curse! It means that  we have grown to a point of sustainability, and to a point that we actually had 3 of us working on this initiative at one time or another. So busy!

Lyd has gotten to a point where she has really grown with paddling and has become eager to help those on their bumpy roads at time, through the learning curve. Lydia is joining this adventure as a full-time partner of H2o Dreams, helping with day-to-day operations, writing and creative endeavors and even now with teaching. She plans to start teaching this fall 🙂 We have both agreed this will only be a good thing if she works with me not for me. I cannot begin to describe my excitement! And I am even more beyond excited that H2o Dreams takes a wider path with my best friend!

Check out a few words from Lyd herself:

I am so pleased and excited to announce that I am officially joining Chris and H2oDreams as a full time partner to continue to pursue our shared vision of instruction, education, and stewardship through paddlesports, film, and beyond.

In the past year, I have been humbled and inspired by the opportunities created for me through working with H2oDreams, both on the water and off. Rediscovering my passion and pursuit of writing and photography, I have also been inspired by new ventures through film and instruction.

I cannot wait for all that lie ahead as we continue on this crazy journey as passionate, creative people excited and moved by our world, seeking ways to connect with it and share it with others. Come with us!

Lydia Cardinal


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