Our most recent video production which dives into the psychological and intrapersonal challenges we face in the sport of whitewater kayaking.
The original series produced by H2o Dreams and Pilot Collective Media. We still utilize and refer students to these videos to this day.
Building off of the concept of troubleshooting common problems, this series puts the focus on play and freestyle kayaking.

A video podcast series produced by Lydia and Chris Wing, pontificating on some of the thoughts that creep through their minds on a day to day basis.
A video series that Chris challenged himself to explain a skill in 20 seconds or less.
The Learning Curve is bumpy, this series shows a few different skills that are often overlooked but are commonly needed.


A podcast hosted by whitewater athlete, instructor, and expert Chris Wing, who will offer musings, interviews, and insight based on listener questions on the intrinsic value and motivations of our pursuits in outdoor sport, specifically inspired by folks who play on the fringe.