Without a doubt, the programs we enjoy growing the most are our youth program opportunities. This ensures we keep our sport filled with new energy, new ideas, and new stewards for our natural spaces. Every H2o Dreams youth program has daily practice in our Pillars of Leadership. All of our instructors are masters themselves in these ideologies and lead your child by example as well as practiced discipline.

We offer something for just about every age group, usually in the age range of 6-17 years old. We do accept younger students but require them having a previous experience with us usually in the form of private instruction to ensure that we are placing them in the appropriate program. We highly recommend attending our Green River School as a great fundamental building block before attending other youth skills courses. We do accept candidates into more advanced programming but will require a quick interview to ensure it is an appropriate placement.

  • Leadership $1,050.00 5 days
  • Leadership $380.00 2 days

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