Strategy is Your Style

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Strategy may be a crude description of a boaters style to running the river. And as in life, boating has many different styles and approaches for various scenarios. With this in mind I present our next topic as merely a presentation of some of the style and strategy I use to move downstream. Your wealth of information on this subject is affected by the rivers you paddle and the groups you paddle with. Don’t limit yourself to one group or a small set of rivers. You need to get out and explore to really get a sense of what your capable of.

There is a lot of hesitation to go and do these things, kind of like sitting at the precipice of a horizon line on the river before running a rapid for the first time. But if you did the necessary groundwork to give you a solid base of information, the next step is give yourself the proverbial nudge and go out and explore. If you get to an advanced stage of boating and feel that things are getting out of control, it might be that you need to take a step back and rework something fundamental. Whitewater kayaking is a cumulative experience and our goal is to accumulate as much of those experiences as possible to encourage growth.