Sunday Thoughts: An Exercise in Reflection

My first two posts on my new weekly writing activity didn’t necessarily have the direction that I wanted to have with this series of posts. I do want to have our token instructional element and discussion, but I also want this to be an exercise in reflection of how I am doing as a paddler, as a businessman, and as a leader in the community. I suppose that first post certainly can qualify. I think it can do both and still accomplish what I set out to do.

Much like any exercise you aren’t very likely¬†to be good at it right away. But even in the simple repetition, if your motivation is your own, there will be a catharsis to it.

The past two years I have had a tough time being vocal. I think I come across as too overbearing¬†or not having a strong enough opinion. I was blamed for being too politically correct which rubbed me raw as I never liked the idea of that. “I get it, man…you’re trying to run a business.” Wow, have I become that? Am I afraid to speak my mind because I think it will adversely affect my business, or, have I actually got to the point of seeing many different sides of the coin and respect where others are coming from? I hope and some small ways know it’s the latter but being motivated by only a financial outcome will dictate things to you instead of you controlling the direction of where you are going. Likewise, if you are seeking extrinsic motivators for what drives you deep down inside, you are largely going to feel empty and lost most of the time. I have had moments of feeling lost. This is a big thing we (Lyd and I) have decided to pursue and even bigger because we don’t want the status quo. I’ll delve more into that in future posts, but for now, I felt I needed to define what this will be for me.

What drives me? I suppose this will be the year I rediscover that. What drives you?

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts: An Exercise in Reflection”

  1. Well damn….now I feel bad. But I will say this. There is nothing wrong with being politically correct when running a business., especially an outdoor business. We come to you for different reasons. Some to learn others for an experience. I can state with almost 100 percent certainty than none of us come for political views, but rather to escape the world and find peace and satisfaction in doing something that is by its very nature abnormal. And you my friend have that part down pat.

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