Commonly Overlooked- Episode 2

I am in constant pursuit of comfort and contact with my kayak and I continually am learning new tricks to make my boat fit better. As I tell my students, there is no such thing as one size fits all and not all boats are going to fit everyone ergonomically, it’s an impossibility. This proves to be quite the daunting task for a boat manufacturer as they approach a new design every time, as they are obviously trying to create a design that first, performs well.

This has left me and everyone else having to provide slight or dramatic tweaks to boat outfitting to make our favorite designs comfortable and most importantly, have contact so our power is put to good use. There is a considerable loss of power when the boat outfitting is too tight or too loose. The best analogy I have ever heard and used to compare a boats fit is that it should fit like a good pair of running shoes. Too tight or too loose and you will lose contact, power or comfort.

Episode 2 touches base on the major points of contact and offers some insight and solutions to the common problems associated with them.

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