Instructor Skills Assessment

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Are you ready to become an ACA certified instructor? This 3-hour session, pre-course study guide, and post session assessment will give you that answer and the tools to ensure you are prepared.


Have you read through the criteria and you’re still unsure if you are ready to take on your instructor workshop? This half-day (3-hour) program is designed like an SAT practice test to get a taste of how you will be assessed, to give you insight on skills and teaching practice you need to shore up on, and the cost can then be applied to one of H2o Dreams ACA Workshops. You will work with a certified Instructor Trainer during this short but intense session and will receive a written assessment at the conclusion of the session to take home with you to practice the skills you will need to improve.

It is important to note that if you receive a adequate assessment during this session that certification still hedges on completion of all course requirements and performance during an ACA Instructor Certification Exam. By design, this will adequately prepare you for that course so that there are no surprises and expectations of assessment are clear.

If you determine that at the conclusion of the skill assessment that you feel ready to take on the challenge of one of our workshops, the assessment cost can be applied to an H2o Dreams ACA Instructor Workshop.

1 review for Instructor Skills Assessment

  1. Ayla Wilk

    I would recommend this course to anyone, whether you are pursuing ACA Instructor Certification or not! Lydia was so helpful and informative, really got me thinking about my paddling and helped me explore new and better ways of doing things. She also went above and beyond in providing resources to prepare and follow-up. Take this course if you want to become a better paddler, hands down!

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