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Kayak How To: Boat Draining

  I am a stickler for the details. It bothers me when I see an instructor leave out even the most minute details for a beginner. Inevitably, as people struggle through the first bit of the learning curve and become more comfortable with their roll, they are going to come to terms with another skill…

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Spruce Up a Familiar Run

It bothers me that I hear folks saying that they get bored on a river, it seems almost as if they have become to good for… well, their own good. One of the best nuggets I ever heard while on a river came from Andrew Holcombe, “if you aren’t having fun on a river, then…

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The Quick and Dirty Gear Bag

I learned this quick whitewater gear tip haphazardly when I did not want to deal with putting wet/dirty gear back in my gear bag that was still full of other gear that had not yet been wet and smelly that day. Turns out when you paddle multiple times in a day you collect a plethora…

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Quick Tips: The Seal Launch

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=kj8owljuQv8 width=640 height=480 anchor=] So what went wrong?  Well number one, he probably shouldn’t have listened to his friends, but let’s talk a bit more about the body mechanics of seal launching and how to specifically avoid this.  You can actually be an active participant in this exercise by sitting in your boat and…

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Boofing Waves and Holes

In this video instruction update, we cover a topic that distinguishes many novice and intermediate boaters from experts. The skill of boofing or quartering waves or holes is the difference between keeping the boat dry and flying over features vs. swamping the deck and potentially getting a quality beat down. There are three things to…

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