Kayak How To: Boat Draining

[st_video video=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbFNigfDYOQ” ratio=”16:9″ width=”” height=””]


I am a stickler for the details. It bothers me when I see an instructor leave out even the most minute details for a beginner. Inevitably, as people struggle through the first bit of the learning curve and become more comfortable with their roll, they are going to come to terms with another skill quite quickly, boat draining.

Yes, swimming and boat draining, albeit a trite and underrated skill, are some of the most important skills we develop as kayakers. And this skill is super important to those who are trying to learn how to kayak.

In order to maximize energy and ultimately, time on the water, it is important that they develop this skill quickly. In this humorous video short, we go over the bare minimum a paddler should know about draining a boat.