Playboater Troubleshooter: A Week in Review


What were we thinking this time around when we approached a new topic with a similar approach to the Whitewater Troubleshooter? Firstly, I wanted to touch base on some key points that I felt once again were being left out of general kayak instruction, this time with the topic of play boating. It’s not even so much that they are being left out… it’s just that they are huge topics that can easily be glossed over to get to the obvious fundamental skills.

So if they are being glossed over in general kayak instruction, then why wouldn’t I cut right to the chase and talk about how to double pump or air loop?

In any sport, or any learning situation in life, we learn things from simple to complex. Think of how you learned to walk when you were a baby. You started by laying on your belly or your back and roll over, you learned to crawl on your hands and knees, you learned to stand up and fall, and finally if you were lucky, you started to walk forward a few steps. That final step could not have occurred if those previous steps had not occurred. After all, how else could you get yourself back up to try to walk again?

Those are big picture skills in progression, but there are so many more that occur that are the unspoken skills. Such as fitness, equipment choice, balance and proper application of power. These are skills that are implied when it comes time to execute big picture skills. But should they be? Should there be more emphasis put on the preparation for big picture skills?

We spent last weeks discussion on proper boat choice and fit because in turn it will have an effect on the proper application of power that we plan to discuss in episode 2, Positions of Power. It cannot be understated that with any loss in contact with the boat, there will be a loss in translation of power. Likewise, if you are lacking in the strength of balance department, episode 2 will address these issues and will continue to push you in the right direction to start achieving big picture goals, such as that double pump and air loop.

Check out episode 1 once again and supplement it with our freestyle warmups video from a couple of years back. This should get you moving in the right direction and appropriately prepared for next weeks episode dealing with “Positions of Power.”

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