You’ve got some experience paddling, and now it’s time to sharpen your skills and confidence so you can get the most out of your boating. From creeking to freestyle, strokes to rescue, our Intermediate course offerings are for folks who are committed to putting in hard work in order to take their paddling to a new level or deepen their enjoyment at their current level. Rescue skills can (and should) be practiced frequently, and even boaters with years of experience can benefit from stroke work and dynamic inversion in a supportive environment. You’ll find opportunities here to delve in to more specific disciplines of paddling as well as hone in on specific skill sets.

If you feel like you’re in between some of our programs, check out our custom instruction for tailored-to-you programming, or contact us ( | 828.571.0276) to chat more.

  • Intermediate $95.00 1 day
  • Fundamentals $325.00 2 days
  • Intermediate $95.00
  • Intermediate $425.00 3 days
  • Intermediate $1,000.00 5 days
  • Intermediate $425.00 2 days
  • Intermediate $150.00 1 day
  • 10% OFF
    Intermediate $1,010.00

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