H2o Dreams professional certifications and trainings are the capstone of any paddler’s repertoire of experience.

H2o Dreams is proud to support and be supported by the American Canoe Association by requiring all staff to maintain current Level 4 Whitewater Kayak instructor certifications (at minimum), and offering the Instructor Certification Workshop to the general public. Paddlers who spend time working with beginners, assisting in clubs, camps, or university programs, (even parents of young paddlers!) will undoubtedly benefit from the ACA’s 40 hour instructor training program; candidates are afforded the opportunity to gain official certification (and lots of perks!) as well as an incredibly rewarding and informative experience to boot. These classes are not easy, but committed paddlers can leave an ICW with a much deeper knowledge of paddling technique, leadership strategy, and teaching tools. The true testament of these courses is when a willing and open-minded candidate often finds their own paddling and understanding of the river to have greatly improved upon completion of an ICW in addition to gaining tremendous perspective on how to effectively share knowledge and passion with others.

  • Fundamentals $325.00 2 days
  • Assess Advanced $200.00
  • Assess Advanced $849.00 3 days
  • Assess Advanced $375.00
  • Assess Advanced $375.00 3 days

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