Chris Wing Private Instruction

Price Varies 1 day

For 2021, Chris will be refocusing on teaching group clinics and a very limited number of folks for private instruction. We realize that in past history many folks expect or request to work with Chris specifically, however he has enjoyed the mentorship process of developing instructors, working with a few students intensively, and delivering programs in a group context which is more likely how you’ll experience whitewater interactions in the future. This repurposing of Chris’s energy was always in the long-term vision of H2o Dreams and we encourage you to seek out any one of our instructors who have shadowed and mastered our method of teaching if you are looking for a one-time private lesson experience.

Chris is the instructor you are looking for if you wish to learn or apply advanced technique or develop a mind for leadership. He has spent the past few years focusing the majority of his personal studies on the psychological effects on our physiological applications of our sport. Chris is the primary trainer for all of our H2o Dreams instructors. Expect a class with Chris to go deep into the mechanics of skills and/or helping you tame the lizard brain.

Private Instruction lies at the heart of all kayak instruction. These lessons are better suited for individuals that have a specific set of goals in mind and do not want to have the added logistics of group clinics. Private clinics are also well suited for those needing to work on kinesthetic skills such as roll or stroke refinement.

Full Day: For those with no experience, wanting more or just a longer more relaxed day this is the model instruction, and with H2o Dreams you can rest assure you are getting the best. Full days of private instruction include instruction, a pre and post-clinic assessment and prescription, and video analysis. These days can be intense, and good overall fitness is highly recommended.

  • Green River…………. $259   1 person
  • Asheville region…….$299    1 person


Custom Groups

Custom Group rates are also available, call us for a quote at (828) 571.0276 

If you want to custom tailor a personal training kayak program or discipline coaching for you or someone you know, contact us or call 828.571.0276 to specifically talk through your desired results.

 *we can provide equipment, transportation to the river, meals and lodging as added logistical costs.



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