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Leading Blind

Having taken a on a much larger role within H2o Dreams this past year, I found myself aboard a plane on New Year’s Day on my way to Chile for three packed full weeks of prepping, leading, and finally, unwinding from our Chile Enchantment trip. This was going to be an entirely new experience for me…

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Letting Go

Words provided by Michelle Layser, Chile trip guest 2014. Photos Chris Wing Yet here I was, standing unbalanced on the rocks, declaring that this rapid—this one, of all the rapids on the trip—might be the one I portage. Standing on the slippery, moss-covered rocks that protruded from the right side of the river bank, I watched…

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A Note of Reflection: Our First Year in Chile

Yesterday we concluded our first ever season of adventure travel trips when we said our goodbyes to our intermediate group of paddlers. It is a bittersweet, and even a somewhat awkward feeling sending people off to go home to their day to day life. Bittersweet because you are tired, broken down, sun and sand cracked…

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On Deck for 2014

Boy, oh, boy, what a busy fall we’ve been having! We’ve been slammed with clinics, lessons, moving… and, oh yeah: smoothing out details for our first ever international adventure travel trip to Chile. We are so, so excited! We’ve also been working on our 2014 details, sprucing up the website, and planning our next big…

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Top 5 Waterfalls in Chile

Actually, Sam Fulbright wanted to title this article, “Top 5 list of waterfalls that are dope. so dope. illest.” Sam and Pablo (2 of our guides) have been ranting and raving about the list of perfect waterfalls that can be run in Chile, and honestly, a list of five hardly suffices. This is just a (very)…

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