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Getting a Grip

The following post was written by friend and fellow paddler Nell Steed. She reflects honestly on what pushed her toward a breaking point of not wanting to kayak anymore, and how taking some time for herself helped her get a grip on her fears and set new precedents when moving downstream. Thank you for sharing…

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Bite the Bullet

I’ve always taken comfort in knowing that, for the most part, the worst that can happen while I’m paddling is swimming; bottom line: when the going gets tough, I pop the spray skirt and BAM! Game over. This musing is brought to you by the harsh reality of whitewater where bailing from your boat does…

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H2o Dreams Presents: Taming the Mental Game

In Association with Atlanta Whitewater Club: Taming the Mental Game presented by Chris Wing of H2o Dreams LLC May 6th, 2014 – 7:00P FREE TO THE PUBLIC Garden Hills Community Club House “It never gets easier, you only go faster” –Greg Lemond I read this quote when I actually started to bike to help cross-train,…

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Letting Go

Words provided by Michelle Layser, Chile trip guest 2014. Photos Chris Wing Yet here I was, standing unbalanced on the rocks, declaring that this rapid—this one, of all the rapids on the trip—might be the one I portage. Standing on the slippery, moss-covered rocks that protruded from the right side of the river bank, I watched…

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We Do Not Conquer the River

Words and pictures provided by Brian Green, Chile trip participant from 2014. We do not conquer the river This is a phrase I hear often, and it’s one that have to agree with the most.  Too often, we feel comfortable on the rivers we paddle most and it can, in a way, give us that…

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Locker Room Speeches

Do you ever have a locker room speech with yourself above a rapid? In an eddy, before you take off downstream? This is mine:   Not exactly a locker room speech, but there’s something about Kevin McCallister smacking his hands to his cheeks and the audible intake of air that makes me smile when my…

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Feel the Fear & Go Creeking Anyway

A few weeks back, we shared the experience of one of our recent Creeking Clinic students, Nell. We’re excited to have additional feedback from one of our other students, Joni, who faced some big fears in a big way during our weekend on the water. As always, we love getting feedback from the people we…

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