Top 5 Waterfalls in Chile

Actually, Sam Fulbright wanted to title this article, “Top 5 list of waterfalls that are dope. so dope. illest.” Sam and Pablo (2 of our guides) have been ranting and raving about the list of perfect waterfalls that can be run in Chile, and honestly, a list of five hardly suffices. This is just a (very) small sampling of some of the waterfalls we will be biting off for our first trip in Chile, and even trip #2 will be tackling “Ecstasy Falls,” at some point during their trip as well. Without further ado.

We all know Chile, and especially Pucon, is a huckster’s paradise. While the region does host some of the world’s biggest, most challenging, and accessible whitewater it is also home to some of the world’s best class 3 creeks, river runs, and waterfalls. I know what you’re thinking… Class 3 waterfalls? You bet. Here’s a rundown of Pucon’s finest beginner friendly waterfalls.

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 1. Split Falls // The Palguin 20 footer

It’s no secret that the Palguin is a waterfall wonderland. The 20 footer on the Palguin has an easy rolling lip that is perfect for practicing both late boof strokes or getting the timing down on the “Oregon tuck”. It all lands into a nice clean pool to cap it off.

 2. Salto Leona // Rio Fuy

She’s wide, beautiful, and good to go. Imagine rolling into a lip of a beautiful drop, just under 30 feet and pulling a giant boof stroke to land flat into a soft, light blue aerated pool. That’s Salto Leona. My vote for best boof of the top 5 list.

3. Split Falls // Palguin 20 footer

Again? Yep! This bad boy has two different options for lines. The left side is the sweet, best beginner drop in the world style. The right side of the river has an amazing, slightly more narrow option that is one of the best delayed boofs in the world. It’s perfect for becoming an expert at boof stroke timing.

4. Cascada De Coilaco // Rio Coilaco

This is a great 30 footer park and huck just outside of town. As it’s got a bit less water than some of Pucon’s other waterfalls it is the perfect waterfall for learning to pencil in rather than boof. It’s a perfect pool, drop, pool waterfall that’s easily scoutable from multiple angles making it a great option for stepping up waterfall game.

5. Ojos Del Caburga

Another park and huck classic just outside of Pucon. The Ojos are a great place to learn how to pencil into drops and effectively scout. Like many of the classics it goes from pool to pool making it a stress free learning spot, and walking laps is very easy to dial in exactly how to get that perfect waterfall angle.


Photos courtesy of Pilot Collective Media and A Wet State.,


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