Wavesport and H2o Dreams LLC Present the Whitewater Troubleshooter

The “Whitewater Troubleshooter” looks to fill a void in kayak instructional filming that typically takes a “how-to” approach to instruction and instead replaces it with a “how come.” Many beginner paddlers learn the basics but still truly lack the understanding as to why their paddling remains complicated and lacks fluidity that many advanced paddlers possess.

The “Whitewater Troubleshooter” was directed and shot by Sam Fulbright of Pilot Collective Media and Chris Wing and Lydia Cardinal of H2o Dreams LLC. This project has been a long time goal of professional kayaker, instructor, and Wave Sport athlete Chris Wing in hopes to spur a reverence for creative thought towards kayak instruction. Some of these ideas are not your normal approach to kayak instruction but have had applied success.

For further updates and all the episodes check out the home for the Whitewater Troubleshooter here!

2 thoughts on “Wavesport and H2o Dreams LLC Present the Whitewater Troubleshooter”

  1. Hi,
    While I can get to the WW trouble shooting videos through the home page, the hot link on this page is highjacked by some chinese website. I will not post that link, as it could be some form of malware.

    1. Hey Allan,

      It wasn’t highjacked, it was the original URL but we let it expire as limited traffic was actually going there. This post is now updated with the link to the YouTube playlist. Thanks for watching and sharing!


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